CNC Production Machining


Industries Served

At Carr Tool, we provide high precision, complex machined parts to a variety of industries. With the latest CNC equipment and superior quality control systems, we are able to service aerospace, defense, commercial applications and more.


At Carr Tool, we can machine medical components, surgical instruments, and more. Our excellent quality control makes us a trusted machine shop for your needs. We are a “dock to stock” supplier for your convenience.


With the ability to machine prototypes for your application, Carr Tool is your one stop shop from design to production. Our precision capabilities can easily suite your aerospace component specifications.


Our production CNC machining, selection of materials, and 99% quality rating allow us to manufacture high precision components for your automotive needs. Our engineers will ensure that your parts a machined and assembled according to your specifications.


With our precision CNC production capabilities, we can provide you with exceptional parts at high volume. Any component that you need, our engineers will ensure that the final product meets your requirements and time frame.


The semiconductor industry often needs small components. Our machines are capable of tolerances accurate to less than .001”. We can easily re-machine any existing components to your requirements. Any specific finish that your parts may need, we can handle.

Fiber Optics

Carr Tool’s production line and precision machining is ideal for manufacturing your components for fiber optic applications. With 5-axis capabilities, we can machine your precision parts at the appropriate tolerances.


Our wide range of capabilities allows us to machine virtually any component needed for your application. In addition, we can work with strict time schedules to ensure that you get the product you need on time.


We can mill custom electronic housings, plastic components, and more for the communications industry. Because of our high volume capabilities, we can produce as many parts as you need within a strict time frame.

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