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At Carr Tool, we machine high volume or repeating low volume components and assemblies without sacrificing consistency and precision.

Our unique pallet line and Mazak PFH-4800 horizontal machining centers allows us to accommodate any rush orders, large volume runs, or re-machining.

With the Integrex, we offer 5-Axis machining with twin spindle capabilities. Our shop has “done in one” machining for your needs.

Our additional equipment fills in the gaps for any machining that our multi-tasking and horizontal production milling centers can’t accommodate.

We can cut a variety of modern materials, but specialize in aluminum, plastics, polymers, and stainless steel. Nearly any shape or size we can machine.

With a superior annual quality rating of over 99%, we offer high quality machining for multiple industries.

Any additional machining, finishes, and heat treatments we can accomodate.

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Our Production Milling Capabilities

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Our Multi-Tasking Milling Capabilities

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Accurate to Less Than .001"
General Tolerance .004"
Holes .0002"
Diameters .0003"
True Position .002"

  • 9-Axis Milling
  • High Production
  • Over 99% Annual Quality Rating
  • Prototypes Avalible


  • Cost effective for short runs
  • Complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances are possible
  • Smooth finishes available
  • Virturally any 2D or 3D shape can be cut


We can create prototypes of your component or assembly before we begin main production. Our engineers will work with you to ensure your product meets your specifications and needs.

Our 9-Axis Integrex Mult-Tasking Machine

Our Production Machining Centers

Multi-siding machining capabilities