CNC Production Machining


Our Process

Your Shop from Start to Finish

Step 1

Receive model file from customer

We accept ALL file formats found in the SolidWorks translator. Most common formats include:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • PDF

Step 2

Engineers develop a production process to optimize:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality

Step 3

Produce cutter path program

  • Produce cutter path using Surfcam, Mazatrol, or Esprit software
  • This program tells the machine how to cut the part

Step 4

Set up machine tool (tooling)

  • Machinist sets up the appropriate workholding fixture and cutting tools in our CNC machine
  • First piece is machined

Step 5

Quality Control Inspects Part

  • Quality Control inspects piece on the DCC CMM using customer's model file

Step 6

Begin Production Run

  • Part passes inspection
  • Production run begins

Step 7

Send Product Out for Finish

  • When machining is completed, the parts are sent to outside services for any post machining processes such as heat treatment, anodize, paint, etc.

Step 8

Complete Assembly or Secondary Processes

  • When parts return, any secondary work or assembly is done if required

Step 9

Final inspection

  • Parts go to Quality Control for final inspection

Step 10

Ship to Customer

  • Parts are completed and shipped