CNC Production Machining


CNC Production Machining

Horizontal Production Milling Center

Our Capabilities

We machine high volume or repeating low volume components and assemblies for various industries with our shop’s unique horizontal machining centers.

Our horizontal machining centers are grouped into a cell consisting of the three machining centers and a Palletech robot. Each center is linked to the Palletech pool via the robot. The Palletech system has 24 pallets which are shuttled in and out of any of the three machining centers.

Each pallet has four sides that contain one or more work holding fixtures which we make. Unlike conventional CNC machines, each fixture remains mounted on the pallets and removes the need to switch work holding fixtures. With our pallet line, we can run unmanned machining on high production jobs. This also allows us to run repeat jobs quickly.

The horizontals also have 4th axis indexing built right into the table. This facilitates machining of all four sides of each pallet and three or more sides of a given work piece at one time. Finally, to complement our machine shop's automation, each machine hold 120 cutting tools. This further reduces set up time by eliminating the need to replace tools for each different job.

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  • High Production
  • Unmanned Machining
  • High Speed Machining
  • Rush Orders & Flexible Scheduling


  • 4th Axis Indexing
  • 12,000 RPM Spindle with 30 HP
  • 22" x Axis Travel
  • 120 tool capacity
  • 24 Pallets available
  • Conversational programming and G-Code control
  • Touch probe for in process measuring
  • Laser for tool setting & breakage detection

Typical Applications

  • Military Applications
  • Communications Industry
  • Automotive Parts
  • Fiber Optics Applications
  • Commercial Machining Needs

24 Pallets at your disposal

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